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OK to Operate!

  Cookie Friends, It's been a long, arduous, expensive, process. But, yesterday I heard the three words every gal wants to hear: "OK to Operate" Top Shelf Cookies has gotten where it is by taking small steps and mastering them and taking a few more.  We did a small invite only event last night and it wasn't perfect, however we do want to open today April 21st at 2PM to the public.   We will be serving Wicked Fresh Cookies and our snacks and stacks that you would know from events or ordering online.  Ice cream sandwiches and frappes, are gonna take a couple days.  We broke our scoops last night (glad we figured that out with friends of Top Shelf...

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Dear Boston,

As I ran around the following day just trying to stop the bleeding, my phone kept buzzing with orders and that pretty much was the way it kept going. You guys bought cookies, gifts, shirts, gift cards. You sent notes of encouragement with your orders.  There wasn't a night I didn't go to bed with grateful tears. 

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Happy Birthday Hazel!

For newer fans of Top Shelf Cookies, Hazel is my grandmother and who our chocolate chip is named after.  A friend of mine named a lot of our opening menu and picked that name because to her it was just obvious.  

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