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  It's no secret that I love Boston everyday, but there's something about Boston in April.  It feels like that's when the new year begins.  The snow is melting (despite the fact that it's literally snowing sideways on April 1st) and Fenway Park opens and then we get the very...

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Welcome to Top Shelf Cookies

What separates Top Shelf Cookies from the rest? The shelves of course!

​The best cookies are always stashed way up high, out of the reach of daring dinner destroyers, mischievous meal meddlers and over-eager dessert repeaters. We're always told that our cookies need to be kept hidden out of sight, lest they disappear in a single day.

But fear not - despite the moniker, our cookies always find their way from the top shelf down to happy bellies!

What else makes us special? Our uniquely composed recipes, the best quality ingredients, a wholehearted passion for baking and our deep roots right here in the Hub.