July 2022 COTM: Red Line


A couple things: July/August are always a little bit of a challenge for us with shipping because some weeks we’ll just be really hot, so that eliminates a decent amount of things.  Also, we keep creating new stuff and we want to share it with you.  Also, labels have to be ordered/printed. 

So, in a last minute decision, we decided to get our Red Velvet cookie out for July.  So, the beginning of the month orders will be a little delayed while we get the labels in.

True story: I hate Red Velvet.  I think people like cream cheese frosting, not colored cocoa cake.  But, that’s just me.

So, last year we made a red velvet cookie for Test Bake Thursday (if you are in the neighborhood on Thursdays- you should definitely stop by)  and I wasn’t overly excited about it but I envision a scenario where we have cookies named for all the MBTA lines, because I’m just like that. We have a Blue Line, but we are working on Green and Orange and would LOVE any ideas you have.  People that give us good suggestions typically get treats....so get in touch! 

So, we made it and as my niece Tara says “That was delicious!!!”  One of our most favorite neighbors/customers Dotty normally would try test bakes, she decided to pass on them because she doesn’t like red velvet.  I gave her one on the house, she came back the next day and told me that she was embarrassed she liked it so much!  We both had a good laugh.  We made it for Fourth of July and then we have made a red velvet fluff recently and we picked up the original recipe again for Fourth of July and as a team we decided it would be a great cookie of the month. 

It’s a similar structure to Black & Gold, but a lighter cocoa cookie colored with red food coloring.  I don’t love food coloring, but I did try to use beet juice and I didn’t get the results I was hoping for.  I’ve seen it done before and I had hoped to replicate it in this cookie, but I couldn’t get the look I was looking for.

We add white chocolate chips to mimic cream cheese icing, similar to in the What’s Up Doc? (Carrot cake) cookie.

Also, we did want to let you know we recently switched software for our subscriptions and we are hoping that you find it easier to manage your subscriptions.  We are always here if you need anything!  One of the features is the ability to “skip” so if Red Velvet doesn’t sound like your jam, just skip it, you won’t lose a box - we’ll get all your boxes, but you can skip if you don’t like what we have!

Also: COTM boxes will be back soon. The cost went up significantly, so we are just trying to manage that along with rising costs of ingredients.  While we sort that out, we are sending in shipping boxes so we keep things moving!

Thanks for your patience and understanding….

Till next month cookie friends!


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