August 2022 COTM: S'mores

S'mores are one of my favorite memories from Girl Scouts.  Yep, I was a girl scout and I guess we should have known cookies would be in my career path, because I was very good at selling cookies, so good that I went to camp for almost nothing - which pleased my mom and Hazel.  I would do two weeks at overnight camp and then two weeks at day camp near Hazel's house, so I lived with her for two weeks in the summer and then two weeks at day camp near my dads house, so I lived with him for two weeks during the summer too!  if you follow us on social media, you might notice we've hosted a few troops recently and it got me thinking about the S'more cookie we have done in the past.  We did it for Fluff Festival.  So, when we work with fluff, it's a lot of time/temp control because for the fluff to set in the cookie and not spread it out's not always kind during S'more season.  
So my little girl scouts reminded me that I love that cookie, but that we could do it better.  Thankfully, we had found these mini marshmallows that are freeze dried and we used them in Decembers COTM: Cocoa on the Common and we loved them. We went back to the graham base and added milk chocolate chips so they would be closer to the campfire treat and had some fun with it.  We are so glad to be able to offer a lot more new flavors for COTM now. 
About COTM subscriptions - you can manage so much in your customer portal.  If S'mores isn't for you, you can skip it.  If you are going on vacation you can change your order date.  if you moved, you can change your address, if you have an auto renewing subscription - you can easily change it as well!  I'm always around to help with these changes as well, but I'm getting a lot more email these days and managing the daily operations so I'm not always as fast with email!
We hope you will enjoy this new flavor.  We have already chosen September's flavor - because we always send Black & Gold for our birthday month, we're turning 8!
Till next month my cookie friends, 
Don't Crumble

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