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February COTM: Merlot Chocolat

Happy February! We feel like we are just catching our breath from Christmas and it’s pretty much time to get ready for Valentine's Day.  We have some fun stuff planned in our location in Dorchester and online.  Picking the cookie of the month is always a big choice because we have to consider what we just sent, to make sure we aren’t sending something too similar and we need to consider what might be planned for the next month as well. We know we always send something chocolate in February, so we put it out to social media to help us choose between Cocoverdose and Merlot Chocolat.  In the end, we overruled the social polls (which were slightly in favor...

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January 2022 COTM: O.F.D - Oaty, Fudgy, Delicious

  It seems like 100 years ago, but we were gifted a giant block of chocolate at our kitchen.  So we chopped it up and made an oatmeal chocolate chunk and brought it to Bone Up Brewing’s anniversary party.  It sold out and I never made it again.  Why?  I didn’t have a creative name for it.  Often requested, but I never figured out a fun name and was enjoying creating things with more creative ingredients.   When we got into the shop, we got a lot of requests.  So I asked the people via social media and they responded.  There was a not a lot of suggestions, but one stood out.  OFD – Oaty, Fudgy, Delicious.  OFD is a...

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November 2021: Fat Jack O'Lantern

  A version of this cookie is how we became the ones that put beer in cookies cookie company.   I had been in business (officially) for about three weeks.  I promised myself that I would treat myself to a night on the couch watching tv and not looking at my computer and just really give my brain a break.   That afternoon, I got a call from Sam Adams asking if I could make a pumpkin cookie with their beer and could I make 200 of them and be at event in two days.  On the inside, I was panicking.  I hated scaled up to 200 cookies yet with a recipe I knew, let alone one I was about...

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