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May 2022 - COTM Blog: Boston Lager Chocolate Chip

  While this month’s flavor isn’t necessarily a new flavor, it’s a fan favorite and I’m gonna use it to tell you about how one little cookie company has a really great supporter in a not so small craft brewing company.  We take our brown butter dough, we give it a beer and dress it up with some milk chocolate chips and a dash of cinnamon! The milk chocolate and the cinnamon really pair nicely with Sam Adam’s flagship beer.  It tastes delicious, but it mostly I like it because it gives me the opportunity to tell people about my friends at Sam Adams. Before I was a business owner, I was interested in Sam Adams, and I’m not even...

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1 Year in Adams Village!

With other cookie places popping up, it's impossible for me not to notice these long lines.  I'm glad I saw them, because it reminded me of the line we had when we opened.  It wasn't around the corner and none of them were posting to social, because it was a bunch of kids and their parents.

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February COTM: Merlot Chocolat

Happy February! We feel like we are just catching our breath from Christmas and it’s pretty much time to get ready for Valentine's Day.  We have some fun stuff planned in our location in Dorchester and online.  Picking the cookie of the month is always a big choice because we have to consider what we just sent, to make sure we aren’t sending something too similar and we need to consider what might be planned for the next month as well. We know we always send something chocolate in February, so we put it out to social media to help us choose between Cocoverdose and Merlot Chocolat.  In the end, we overruled the social polls (which were slightly in favor...

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