November 2022: The Flood

We’ve noticed a LOT of requests for molasses ginger in general at the shop and at our markets, so we thought our molasses cookie would be a good one for November.  We have a holiday themed plan for December, and our Ginger Chew is always a crowd pleaser at the holiday season, so we figured this would be a good gateway to the holiday season.  It’s starting to get cooler in New England and I've even been having my evening tea. So, our molasses cookie seems like a nice warm, cozy option for November.  

I always enjoy making a classic you know like molasses and making it elevated.  So, we worked hard to get the right spice blend and texture in this soft chewy molasses cookie and I think it’s a sneaky favorite.  The name, well….what else was I going to call our molasses cookie?  The Flood is a reference to the Great Molasses Flood, which is one of the strangest disasters to happen and is a part of Boston’s history.  

This one has been in rotation for a few years now and is always a favorite, but I don’t bring it out all that often because well, it’s molasses and I’m always trying to come up with something a little more unique. But, it’s a really good cookie and when I snack on it, I find myself wondering why I don’t partake in it more.  Here’s an interesting fact for you, we can’t really smell cookies anymore!  Isn’t that SO SAD?  One of the cookies I can still smell is The Flood.  So, I’m looking forward to making a LOT of them come November, because I miss being able to smell cookies.  I wish someone told me eventually I would go noseblind to cookie smells!

This cookie is available on our website year round, it’s available for subscription and we typically keep a few stacks on hand in the shop as well. 

Since it’s November, I would like to take a second to pass on my gratitude to all our subscribers.  We truly appreciate you giving the cookie of the month to either yourself or to a loved one. Thank you for making it possible for me to have a pretty cool job, where I get to make people smile by way of cookies!  Running the business can be challenging, but every morning I mix and bake 100’s of cookies and I truly enjoy it.  

Just my monthly reminder, if this cookie isn’t your style, you are able to skip the month in your portal! Also if this totally IS your style, don’t forget to check the postcard in your box for your discount code to get or gift more at a discount. 

Happy November Cookie Friends!

With gratitude,


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