Hello 2017!


Checking in with you all after our busiest holiday season ever, so busy it knocked me down for a couple weeks!  From the very bottom of my heart, thank you all for your amazing support. Launching a business and turning your passion into a job is a very personal decision and when you take the time to write me a note, tweet me or tell me in person how much you enjoy our cookies - please know I take that to heart and it motivates me to keep going. 

 2016 was our second full year of business and it brought us much success.  We were thrilled do have two pop ups at Boston Public Market that were a lot of fun.  I'll tell you till I'm blue in the face, this is your best opportunity to shop local.  There are so many amazing vendors at Boston Public Market, we love being a part of that vendor community when we get the chance.  

We very much enjoyed our time our SoWa Sundays, Dewey Square Tuesdays and Stoneham Thursdays.  Farmer's markets allow us to get out and talk to all of you.  The feedback you give us (good and bad) is invaluable to us and we are so appreciative of this.  

In 2016, we launched our Cookie of The Month Club!  We send you a dozen cookies every month!  There are a variety of options: month to month or you can prepay for 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions!  If you don't want surprises, you can subscribe (and save!) to any of our year round flavors as well. We have a family that loves Black & Gold cookies and gets four stacks sent monthly!  Gift to others or yourself.  

Like many of you, we are looking at ourselves and making some plans for 2017!  We are thrilled to enter the year with Megan joining our staff regularly.  Megan is an amazing baker and will balance out my need to put chocolate in all the cookies, she likes fruit and nuts.  We have already worked together to create two cookies: Hopflake Holiday (over the holidays) and our newest cookie: The Next One  Megan joining our team will allow us to develop more recipes and be more places this summer.  

Another change we are working on for 2017 is adding our ingredients and major allergens to the website.  I hope this will help anyone to purchase cookies that they maybe weren't sure about.  I am always happy to answer any questions you may have about our ingredients, allergens or the space we use to produce our cookies.  Please always reach out if you have questions (hello@topshelfcookies.com) 

Also in our plans for 2017 - store shelves!  I know many of you have been asking.  We are currently obtaining the correct labeling and licensing and we have stores that are looking to put us on the shelves soon.  So, we will definitely be keeping you updated on that exciting news as it becomes available.

In 2017, we will continue to look for a permanent home if it makes sense for us.  We love CommonWealth Kitchen, but we only want to move to our own space if it makes sense.  

We will continue our charitable giving in 2017 with contributions to The Ellie Fund and the Team MR8. Stay tuned to see how you can help these great organizations while eating cookies!

We look forward to growing and bringing you more flavors and being in more places in 2017.  

As always we appreciate your support!



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