When's Your Store Opening?


Hiya Friends.

The most frequent question I'm getting these days is "When's your store opening?"  

Figured I would use this space to give a little update on the shop.   The answer is....soon, I don't have a date.

When we signed the lease we thought construction would be quicker than it's been.  Between COVID, the holidays, licenses, inspections etc....I had no idea it would take this long.  That said, sounds like our experience is fairly normal and so I'll chalk a lot of it up to my inexperience with building out a bakery in the City of Boston, during a pandemic, during our busiest time of year.  I guess I should have tempered my expectations. Forgive me, I was excited!

But, we're excited to get in there.  When we take ownership of the space, we will need a little while to get use to our new equipment and the lay of the land so to speak.  We also have to figure out how to navigate COVID as well. 

In the meantime, we are limited in our offerings online, but we'll be able to add some popular flavors back to the site next week.  Yes, Black & Gold will be available next week along with PB Toffee Treasures and we should be able to add some Winter Lagerland to the site (not just for COTM)

January is typically slow for us, so tying out the last details of our new space is kind of timed well at this point, but I know you guys are excited to visit us and trust me, we are excited to have you.  

As always, keep up with us on social media and through our email list.

Thank you, as always for your amazing support.


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  • Megan

    Our family is eager to visit! Keep working hard and being awesome.

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