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March's Cookie of The Month: Short & Stout

Before I was fortunate enough to enjoy collaborations with our friends at Samuel Adams, I did put beer in a cookie just to see if I could.  What is now known as the Short & Stout went through several iterations before it became the cookie it is today! It was more of a cakey cookie rolled in powdered sugar at one point   But now, it's just a nice chocolate stout cookie with white chocolate chips.  So before it goes away for a little bit for summer - it's our item of the month! You can purchase a little St. Patrick's Day Gift for $17.00. We wrap up a dozen of the Short & Stout in it's St. Patrick's Day best and send...

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#ForTheLoveOfBeer this Saturday!

So this post is to inform you all that Top Shelf Cookies will be selling our tasty cookies on the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway in the beautiful city of Boston during Sam Adams' awesome For Love of Beer Festival this Saturday!  You should totally go, the weather is supposed to be unseasonably warm for a November weekend.  If you don't go, you will find yourself sitting around in winter with no Netflix in the queue, knowing you WASTED a perfectly good Saturday in unseasonably warm November.  Don't live life with regrets, my friends.  Buy your tickets here For those of you that have been following Top Shelf Cookies for awhile, you know that I love to throw beer into my...

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