OK to Operate!


Cookie Friends,

It's been a long, arduous, expensive, process. But, yesterday I heard the three words every gal wants to hear: "OK to Operate"

Top Shelf Cookies has gotten where it is by taking small steps and mastering them and taking a few more.  We did a small invite only event last night and it wasn't perfect, however we do want to open today April 21st at 2PM to the public.  

We will be serving Wicked Fresh Cookies and our snacks and stacks that you would know from events or ordering online.  Ice cream sandwiches and frappes, are gonna take a couple days.  We broke our scoops last night (glad we figured that out with friends of Top Shelf Cookies and we need to get some cookies stale enough to use for frappes.  So, we can open today, but with not the full offerings.  I'm sorry about that, but that's the best way to serve you today and that's always been my goal is to offer a delicious cookie with great service and the ice cream portion of the offerings is just gonna take a few more days. 

I cannot thank Adams Village enough for the support we have received before we have opened the doors.  Your notes, calls, and orders have kept us going while we've waited out this opening process.  

We also want to thank our friends at Sam Adams through the Brewing The American Dream program, this program has helped to get funding and mentoring and sometimes just cheerleading.

Also, there have been some amazing folks at City of Boston that have helped us through the process and we are forever grateful. 

Another thank you goes out to our landlords, The Lydons.  I spent a tremendous amount of time trying to get into shared spaces and nothing quite fit right or worked out right.  I'm grateful that it brought us to Adams Village and to a family owned building that cares so much about it's neighborhood.  We are a small, but growing business and they gave us the opportunity to finally plant some roots.  They have also been an incredible help during the buildout and permitting process.  

But, mostly my thanks and gratitude goes out to all of you.  If you liked or shared a post, if you told someone about us, if you sent us a note in the last yearish of this pandemic to keep us going, if you placed orders....thank you.  I am eternally grateful that I didn't lose the best job I've ever had: making cookies in the city I love. 

Thank you 



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