November 2021: Fat Jack O'Lantern


A version of this cookie is how we became the ones that put beer in cookies cookie company.


I had been in business (officially) for about three weeks.  I promised myself that I would treat myself to a night on the couch watching tv and not looking at my computer and just really give my brain a break.


That afternoon, I got a call from Sam Adams asking if I could make a pumpkin cookie with their beer and could I make 200 of them and be at event in two days.  On the inside, I was panicking.  I hated scaled up to 200 cookies yet with a recipe I knew, let alone one I was about to make up.  So, I did the responsible thing….I said, see you in two days.


I rushed home from my part time job after a quick stop at the liquor store and got to work.  I had always really felt stumped with pumpkin cookies too.  Why did I EVEN say yes? Then I remembered reading about taking eggs out of cookies and replacing it with pumpkin.  I figured I might as well try.  So, at 7pm that night I took my first pumpkin beer cookies out of the oven at my house and they were delicious.  Tasted great and consistency was great.


I don’t think I even cleaned the kitchen, I just passed out after scaling the recipe out…..


I got up the next morning, ran around securing the ingredients I would need before running off to my part time job.  My part time job was a five hour commitment days a week.  That day felt like 5 years.  I left the office like a rocket and rushed to the kitchen.  Several people wanted to talk to me and I just remember feeling like all I could do was to focus on making sure I didn’t screw up a new recipe and the scaling.  


11 minutes in the oven could have been 11 years.  I pulled them out and it smelled delicious and they looked great and the taste was exactly what I had pulled off the night before. 


I shouldn’t have been surprised, I had spent a lot of time preparing for this kind of opportunity, but you don’t know till you pull it off.  We’ve had a few different beers to work with over the years and we’ve changed the chips, but where we are with Fat Jack O’Lantern is where we’ll stay.  I love the milk chocolate in this cookie, it reminds me a little bit of Halloween.  It’s not an overly pumpkin spice flavor, it’s just pumpkin and a little bit of pumpkin spice.  It’s consistently one of our best sellers and I’m really happy about it. 


The next night they cookies were a huge hit at our first of many brewery events at Sam Adams JP Brewery.


I hope you all will enjoy getting this in your COTM box this month. 


In a month where thankfulness and gratitude takes the spotlight, I want to again thank all our new friends and neighbors in Adams Village for being amazingly warm and welcoming to us.  We’ve also had some great visits from customers that we feel like we know from their online orders and social media interactions and now we’ve met them in real life.  Please know, this means so much to me and our whole team.  


Thank you for your continued support of Boston’s Craft Cookie Company - or as our friend Audrey from Boston Foodie Tours calls us “The Little Cookie Company That Could”


With a Grateful Heart,



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