May 2021 COTM: Lemon Drop D'Light



I love coffee, like a lot, particularly iced coffee. One of the perks of our new space: we are RIGHT NEXT to P.S.Gourmet.  But here's a fun fact about me...I LOVE hot tea. 

But, at night or sometimes when I need to just relax I really like to drink hot tea. So, a lot of times when I'm done working for the day or maybe after dinner if I'm not done working for the day, I'll have a cup of tea.  I like lemon tea, but I never really found one that I LOVED.  So, typical me - I started messing around with it.  Somehow, I googled lemon sugar.  I like sugar in my tea, sue me.  So, I started keeping sugar combined with lemon zest in my pantry.  It's delightful and I used it in regular black tea.  I fell in love with this, it was winter, but it made it feel a little brighter.  

Then, inspiration struck.  I decided to make a LOT of lemon sugar and make it into a cookie.  We hadn't launched yet and we were heavy on chocolate items and I was slightly obsessed with this lemon sugar. I had decided we wouldn't do a sugar cookie, because I felt (and still do) very strongly that anyone can give you butter and sugar and flour, I wanted to give the people of Boston (and beyond) flavor.  This lemon sugar made my tea that extra special, I bet it would take a sugar cookie and go next level with it.  When I first made it, I added too much lemon juice and when Amy tried it she said she liked it, it tasted like a fruit loop.  I tossed those cookies and that version of the recipe in the trash.  Went back to the drawing board and found the balance between the lemon juice, zest, and lemon sugar.  

This cookie is great for summer, nice and light!  But, it's also a perfect complement to tea.  

I hope that you enjoy this cookie in you CoTM boxes this month.  CoTM makes a great gift for the moms in your life, but really anyone!

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