March 2022 COTM: What's Up Doc?


Happy March!

I'm really excited about this months COTM!  Way back when we didn't have a storefront and worked in a shared kitchen, it became clear to me that adding new flavors wasn't going to be easy with the way we had to work in a shared kitchen.  I vowed to myself that if we were lucky enough to get a place of our own we would TOTALLY have a Test Bake element.  So, every Thursday we create something new.  At first it was exciting as all get out, I had list of ideas.  We exhausted that really fast.  Then it became a LITTLE bit of a chore, then we took a break for Christmas because we had no time or space for it.  

After the holidays, I started doing a little planning for things for the year and I look at all the National "Whatever" Days calendars and I realized they could give us a little inspiration for the test bakes.  So, February 3rd was National Carrot Cake Day and we talked it through and decided - why not try to make a carrot cake inspired cookie.

We tried it and it was our fast sell out test bake ever.  A couple days later, I called my label company and asked what we were looking for in terms of lead time to get labels printed and the news was good.  So, we made our carrot cake cookie COTM for March.

About the cookie: It's the brown sugar dough base that's used in Dirty Water and Enchanted Blueberry - we've been using the base of a decent amount of test bakes and truthfully I might like it almost as much as the chocolate base dough we use for Black and Gold.  A LOT of dark brown sugar along with brown butter makes this base dough very special.  Then it's shredded carrots and a little ginger and cinnamon to spice it up.  To mimic the cream cheese frosting we use white chocolate chips and I am very happy with how they came out.

About the name: Growing up I LOVED my guy Bugs Bunny, so when I think of carrots - that's my first thought - so What's Up Doc?  seemed like a perfect name.

Anyway, I HOPE you all enjoy this cookie as much as we enjoyed dreaming it up.  We are SO looking forward to creating and bringing the newest flavors to our COTM subscribers!

Happy March!


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