It's no secret that I love Boston everyday, but there's something about Boston in April.  It feels like that's when the new year begins.  The snow is melting (despite the fact that it's literally snowing sideways on April 1st) and Fenway Park opens and then we get the very best day in Boston: Patriot's Day.

I grew up in New Hampshire.  When I was very little, my parents took me down a family gathering in Quincy.  I remember from the back seat seeing the Boston skyline and falling immediately into head over heels love.  Nothing where I lived looked like that.  I became obsessed.  My mom would take me down for trips the museums and the aquarium and I would count down the days till we would see that skyline again.

Many years ago, I moved here as a young adult.  I have lived in and around the city for nearly 19 years now.  I met my best friend in the balcony at the FleetCenter soon after moving down here.  My closest friends are my cousins.  One of the first things my best friend (that guy I met in the balcony at the FleetCenter) and I started as a tradition was Patriots Day.  The idea of getting up early to head into Fenway Park and then watch the Marathon sounded like a crazy one.  By 8:30 that morning and my second beer, I remember thinking - I could get used to this!

So as the years went by, we added to our little group.  Both of us married, we had friends who came regularly.  We had a crew.  We met early at the Kenmore Dunks, got our coffees and got in line for the bar to open.  We talked about the stuff you don't share on Facebook, we ate, we drank, we head to Fenway Park.  For postgame, there are two routes - we go through Copley if the Bruins aren't playing at home game or we go around if the Bruins are home.  Need to get the real estate at the Fours for pregame.  Also, I always get a sunburn.  That's the routine, I love it.  It's always felt like Boston Appreciation Day to me.  

So, it's no surprise that as we craft our recipes, I do it with Boston in my heart and soul.  Our 617 Pack changes based on what's in season (for sports) and is one of my favorite things we offer.  Even when I bake, I'm usually wearing something with Boston on it, because that's who I am.

I have had great jobs and experiences in this city.  Friendships, family, a career, a change in attitude, and ultimately given me my dream.  Owning Top Shelf Cookies and creating cookies for a living has been the greatest time of my life.  

As Top Shelf Cookies continues to grow and evolve, it's so important me that this is where our roots will always be.  We strive to bring Boston a better cookie and if we can keep doing that, I know I've done what I set out to do!

In the month of April we are giving back to our city with donations for the sales of our Left on Boylston cookie to the Martin Richard Foundation.  You can buy yours online or come visit us at our pop up location at Boston Public Market through 4/15. 

Last year, we were overwhelmed with orders for #OneBostonDay of cookies that went to people as ultimate acts of kindness.  Seeing pictures of our cookies with Boston's Finest and Bravest were some of the proudest moments I've had as the owner of Top Shelf Cookies.  We will again be donating 15% of our sales on April 15 - OneBostonDay to Martin Richard Foundation.  I love the work they do in our community and specifically in Dorchester, where am proud to live and operate my business.

So, yes today as it snows, it's frustrating to live in Boston - but you know what...Monday is Opening Day at Fenway and two weeks later it's the Boston Marathon - which is our city's open house to the rest of the world.  So, despite the weather - Spring is coming!

Enjoy Boston today and everyday!


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  • sally

    I love your cookie mission statement !!! I just met you recently and I cant wait to see you at SoWa and taste your special cookies.
    Keep up the good works :-)))

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