January 2022 COTM: O.F.D - Oaty, Fudgy, Delicious


It seems like 100 years ago, but we were gifted a giant block of chocolate at our kitchen.  So we chopped it up and made an oatmeal chocolate chunk and brought it to Bone Up Brewing’s anniversary party.  It sold out and I never made it again.  Why?  I didn’t have a creative name for it.  Often requested, but I never figured out a fun name and was enjoying creating things with more creative ingredients.


When we got into the shop, we got a lot of requests.  So I asked the people via social media and they responded.  There was a not a lot of suggestions, but one stood out.  OFD – Oaty, Fudgy, Delicious.  OFD is a common saying in Dorchester, people want to know if you are OFD, Originally from Dorchester.  I always say, I am not OFD, but Top Shelf Cookies is.


The cookie itself is PACKED with high quality dark chocolate chunks in our soft baked oatmeal base.  It has been a fan favorite since we debuted it close to our shop opening in April 2021.


We welcomed a LOT of new COTM members during the holidays!  COTM members – don’t forget there is a discount code included in your box if you get a flavor you want more of for yourself or to gift someone!

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