January 2021 CoTM: Winterlager Land

You don't have to be a longtime follower to know that Sam Adams is an amazing friend to our little cookie company.  I'm trying to keep this blog short, so I won't go into all the details in how they have helped us and many others like us along the way.  But, when they call and ask us to collaborate, we love it.  Our latest collaboration was an addition to our holiday flavors and just so darn good we figured we would offer it as January's CoTM.  

This month is a little tough, we are transitioning to our new space and we are at very limited production this month, so this flavor is available for COTM subscribers only for the time being.  As soon as we get into our space, we'll add it for general purchase.  

For this cookie we infused Samuel Adams Winter Lager into our brown butter dough, added some wintery spices and orange zest and added some white chocolate chips to round it out.  It's delicious! Sam Adams had it on their menu at the Faneuil Hall taproom prior to hibernation.  We are really looking forward to even MORE opportunities to collaborate with our friends in our new space.  


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