Ingredient Spotlight: King Arthur Flour


When I was a kid, my grandmother Hazel would always pick me up after school on Fridays for our weekends together and we would head right for Shaws to get our food for the weekend.  Food for the weekend almost always meant ingredients for cookies. She was a stickler for flour.  She had loyalty to King Arthur Flour and as I got older I found that I did too.  So, it's no surprise that I still use King Arthur Flour in our cookies.  When I first started, I wondered how long it would take me to go through my first 50lb bag.  There are currently 4 of those bags in my sightline just begging me to turn them into cookies.

Anyway, I don't get so much into the technical on the actual flour.  I just know I like turning this particular flour into cookies.  What I would like to use this space for this month is to tell you about how much I love King Arthur Baking (as they are now known)

They are 100% employee owned and I think that is just pretty cool. The facility in Norwich, VT is worth the trip.  In normal times, they host a lot of cool classes.  My cousin Annette and I decided that we would conquer our fear of yeast and take a class.  We actually took two and spent the night in VT.  We had a blast and we made a ton of bread type products and the both of us swore we would start making bread at home.  We did not hold true to that commitment. When I was kicking the tires on this idea of Top Shelf Cookies, I took a 3 day course at King Arthur on Small Bakeries and it was an amazing experience.  

Another fun fact about King Arthur Baking - they have a bakers hotline.  So, if you are looking for a little guidance with your baking troubles they can help you!

For you flour nerds out there (and I think that community has grown in the last year) we use Sir Galahad flour in our cookies.

Anyway, if you love baking and haven't checked out King Arthur Baking, I HIGHLY recommend heading to their website and looking through their resources!

Till Next Month!


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