Ingredient Spotlight: Green Mint Chips


My kitchen pantry used to be a rainbow of baking chips.  I used to keep them in clear containers on shelves and just collect everything I could find!  Most of them I could take or leave, but the green mint chip was my favorite.  Keep in mind, I went to camp and learned to ride horses on my expert cookie sales in Girl Scouts.  Long before the days of moms bringing order forms to the office, I was out knocking door to door slinging thin mints.  

At that time, I'd already made the Black & Gold cookie and I really loved it so I thought it would be fun to use the green in a cookie and tie it to the Green Monster in some way.  Not my most creative, but it's one of our most popular cookies at this point. 

I kept it with the darker chocolate to be a more grown up version of my first cookie selling job.  They are harder to find in grocery stores now than they used to be, however if you are looking to find these lovelies on your own - I recommend hitting up to grab some of these chips to experiment with!


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