February COTM: Merlot Chocolat

Happy February!

We feel like we are just catching our breath from Christmas and it’s pretty much time to get ready for Valentine's Day.  We have some fun stuff planned in our location in Dorchester and online.  Picking the cookie of the month is always a big choice because we have to consider what we just sent, to make sure we aren’t sending something too similar and we need to consider what might be planned for the next month as well. We know we always send something chocolate in February, so we put it out to social media to help us choose between Cocoverdose and Merlot Chocolat.  In the end, we overruled the social polls (which were slightly in favor of Cocoverdose) and went to Merlot Chocolat because we knew we could keep up a little faster with it in terms of yield and supply chain and staffing.  

Pretty soon after we first started we would sell cookies to a local paint and sip operation.  You go and paint a picture with your friends and have wine.  It’s a nice little night out.  I’m not a giant wine drinker, I rarely drank wine at that time. I delivered cookies and got ready for a rare weekend with no events or obligations to Top Shelf Cookies. Over that weekend someone had brought a red wine to my house to watch the Bruins game and it had chocolate in it.  So, obviously, with the new customer in mind I thought if we put that together for them, it would probably be a big seller.

It seemed to be a solid cookie, people in our kitchen liked it.  So I ordered labels so I could sell it.  It flopped for whatever reason.  I had a decent amount of labels left for it, so I figured I’d keep kind of of adding it to the mix for events and pop ups and sell it on the website till the labels ran out and then I would kind of call it a day on my Merlot Chocolat

Once in a while we’d get a request for it, but it would always be from older gentlemen.  Not even close to the young ladies I envisioned enjoying this particular recipe. As we entered 2019, I decided to put them into a valentines sampler package to run out the labels and then it would be retired.

For whatever reason, it hit that particular spring and people were asking for it and it was selling out at events.  Who knew?

So, I thought this would be a good pick for this February’s Cookie of the Month.  Red wine and chocolate.  It’s a little different and seems to have gained a new following.  

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