February 2020 COTM: Cocoverdose

It's funny how in January, we try to give you something on the healthier side with the GOATMeal (I know, I know the Pats got knocked out, depending on where you live you are either really happy or really sad) and then in February we just hit you HARD with the chocolate.  Look, I love chocolate.  Like, I really love chocolate. One of things I like to do is make different cocoa blends.  So, each of our chocolate based doughs has a different cocoa blend in it, which is not the smartest thing if you are trying to streamline - but is super fun if you like to make different cool recipes like we do.

To that end, we've all seen the super chocolately desserts out there.  Death by Chocolate anything is always a must order for me.  Triple chocolate cakes, I'm in.  So, before Top Shelf was a thing officially and I was tooling around with recipes in my own kitchen, I decided I would figure out how to get so much delicious chocolate into one cookie and that's how Cocoverdose was born.  For the dough base, we blend three kinds of cocoa - black, dutch process & natural cocoa and then for more chocolate we mix in three kinds of chocolate chips - dark, semi sweet & milk chips.  It's like SIX kinds of chocolate. 

It's one of my favorites that I make and my friend Felicia wrote the perfect description of the cookie when we launched:

So rich, so decadent, so shamelessly chocolatety...these will convert even the staunchest vanilla devotee. This swoon-worthy combo features three kinds of cocoa and three kinds of chocolate chips.  For those keeping count, that's six levels of incredibly chocolatey, chewy bliss in every bite, topped with a crunchy crown of sugar.  These make Oreos feel shame.

For folks that like chocolate as much as we do, keep an eye out for some chocolately flavors and gift sets hitting the site in February for Valentines Day Gifts - if that's your thing.

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