February 2019 – COTM GOATmeal


If you have followed us for any amount of time, you know we have a BIG old crush on the city of Boston and so much of what we do is inspired by the city we call home!

And being from Boston in the 21st century is largely defined by our championship sports culture. I’ve been a Bruins season ticket holder since the turn of the century and while my favorite team was the last to get their Duckboat parade – I’ve enjoyed them all. It’s always a good time to be from Boston, but it’s best enjoyed during a championship run. I always feel like Boston (which is a small city anyway) goes into small-town mode a little bit and everything on the news is about the current team on a run. Everyone’s smiling and everyone is in it together, good or bad. Late nights from extra extra inning games can be read all over the faces at Dunkin’ Donuts the following morning. It’s one of the things I love BEST about living here

Our story started with my gameday superstition for Bruins games and that gave us the Black & Gold cookie, which changed my life – and sometimes I hear from you guys that it’s a life changer as well. Eventually, we added the Green Monster Mint, Green Dynastea and this month’s COTM: GOATmeal.


For this cookie, we wanted to represent all of the New England states for our New England Patriots. We decided on an oatmeal cookie, we added apples, blueberries, and cranberries. I think it’s delightful, but naming this was NOT an easy task by any means. Half the things we associate with the Patriots are trademarked and you can’t name it after championships because we’d always be updating it. So when we initially launched this cookie two years ago, we called it “The Next One” as in Tom Brady’s favorite ring. It was a bit of a stretch for folks to get the connection. So we didn’t make it last year, and when the Pats lost to Philly – I was bummed out because I thought it was a good cookie and couldn’t come up with a good name for it.

I really did resist GOATmeal for the longest time, because I’m a team gal over a player gal – but I guess Tom Brady is a good reason to name a cookie GOATmeal. We’ve been selling it all season and people have enjoyed it – even the ones that don’t watch sports and thought it had goat milk in it. I had a friend tell me he liked it so much, he didn’t care if there was goat in it, because he was all about that cookie.

So, we were going to do a chocolate cookie for February COTM, but here we are embarking on a THIRD Super Bowl appearance in a row. I worried about their chances in the playoffs and didn’t make it COTM in January. I guess I was amongst those that thought maybe Tom was Too Old, Too Slow. Well, he showed me – he (and the rest of the Pats) are #StillHere

You can find us with our friends at Sam Adams Boston Brewery Taphouse this SuperBowl weekend to get your GOATmeal for Super Bowl Sunday and check out “Too Old, Too Slow, Still Here” on tap. Or if you are in COTM, you are covered.

 Have a great weekend, let’s #BEATLA




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