December 2021: Cocoa on The Common


Since moving to the shop we've been creating so many new fun flavors.  Every Thursday we actually do a test bake and some of them hit and some of them miss.  It's really been very reinvigorating for me as a baker.  I've been wanting to share some of these new flavors in COTM, but labeling was delayed and there's just been a lot to manage.  But, I'm excited because I think we'll be able to push out more of our experimental flavors a little quicker now. 

I've always wanted to do a Hot Cocoa inspired cookie.  I love a good cup of tea, but to warm up....Hot Cocoa is my jam. 

This cookie started as idea on my long list of "Someday/Maybe" I'll make this as a cookie. and it's sat there for awhile.

Since we opened right next to PS Gourmet, they have been keeping us in caffeine.  We are so glad they are our neighbors.  I am always looking for opportunities to use friends products in our cookies, so it inspiration struck when I got my first 330 iced mocha.  So, we did a test bake of a mocha cookie.  It wasn't perfect, but it got my brain working.  We ended up trying mini marshmallows and they kept evaporating in the cookie.  Then it occurred to me to hunt down some of the dried marshmallow bits that you get in hot cocoa packets!  The first batch came out and instantly I was taken back to coming in from playing in the snow.  

Obviously if I can tie to it Boston, I will and we did.  Cocoa after ice skating on Boston Common seemed to work. :)

I hope that you all truly enjoy this cookie, we are really excited to share it with you and even more cookies as we enter into 2022. 

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy holidays season!

With a grateful heart,


& The rest of the Top Shelf Cookies Crew!

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