COTM November 2018: Apple Crisp


What’s cool about being in our Cookie of the Month Club or CoTM as we like to call it) is that you get the newest cookies ASAP.

Apple Crisp is an applesauce based cookie (no eggs folks!) and we added some oats and cinnamon and of course some of Angry Orchard's Crisp Apple Cider. We also used applesauce made from local apples and made in Commonwealth Kitchen’s commissary kitchen. It’s really tasty and really hard for me to admit since I love putting chocolate into everything. I think it’s a great fall flavor for New England.

What inspired us to make Apple Crisp?

I’ve mentioned Jennifer Glanville before, but she’s the brewery manager at Sam Adams. She’s also a season ticket holder and regular at The Fours. She saw my little superstition grow and for whatever reason was one of the first people I told that I wanted to make it my job to make cookies. She never let me forget it, she stayed on my case, she encouraged me. Sam Adams has an amazing program that you might have heard of, but they don’t talk a lot about it, it’s important for me to tell you about Brewing The American Dream. This is a program set up by Sam Adams to get small food and beverage businesses to access to loans and more importantly real-life business advice. I don’t have a financial analyst on my team of 4 (CDO Brady might have fluffed that part of his resume up) but Sam Adams does – and they were kind enough to look over some numbers for me to help me make some decisions. We have gotten so much help through this program, we are incredibility lucky to have such a friend in them.

Whenever I email Jennifer, she responds so quickly to help me with whatever I might need, if I see her before or after a Bruins game she wants to know what else they can do to help me out. She’s amazing, as is everyone I’ve been lucky enough to cross paths with over at Sam Adams.

Over the summer I wanted to add a couple new fluff cookies for Fluff Fest (because I enjoy punishing myself) and asked Jennifer what kind of beer would pair with Fluff. If you aren’t familiar with Fluff – it’s an amazing marshmallow spread that we very much enjoy with peanut butter here in New England. We love this sticky confection so much, there’s actually a giant festival to celebrate it every year. It’s one of my favorite events. Anyway…. Jennifer responded with some ideas and told me that she would leave some for me to pick up for our next event. She asked me (again) if I was going to make a cookie with Angry Orchard Cider. I kept meaning to, I just hadn’t gotten around to it. I decided then I needed to make it a priority, I'm glad I did because it is pretty tasty and really hard for me to admit since I love putting chocolate into everything. I think it’s a great fall flavor for New England

I hope you guys will love it as much as we loved putting it together for our dear friend Jennifer.

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