CoTM July 2019: Green Monster Mint

I went to Girl Scout camp for free because of Girl Scout cookies.  My mom didn't put up the order form at work either, back in my day I lived in a large apartment complex and I went door to door selling Girl Scout cookies.  Thin Mints were my favorite.  I always try to buy some from any Girl Scouts in my life.  I learned some valuable lessons from going door to door when it was still safe to do so!
When I happened upon these vibrant green mint chips, I knew I had to make a grown-up version of my childhood favorite.  I wanted to make a chewy dark cookie (fun fact, we use a little bit of black cocoa to give it that dark look - like an Oreo) so these mint chips would pop.  Over the years the chips aren't coming out as vibrant green as they used to, but I think the flavor is still vibrant and delicious.
At that point, we had our signature Bruins inspired cookie, so I figure it would be a good time to have a Red Sox one.  We used to only offer this during baseball season, but there were strong opinions that it should never leave the lineup.  We made it a year-round flavor last year and the Red Sox won the World Series (probably not because of us as much as Mookie Betts, but you know...) and this spring we made it available for wholesale.  You can find this flavor at American Provisions in their South Boston location and we continue to work hard to add more stores.  
We hope our subscribers will enjoy this cookie as much as we enjoy making it.  Interested in joining or gifting the Cookie of the Month, check out our subscription options

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