CoTM January 2018: PB Toffee Treasures


Image Credit: Wooden Spoon Studio

It was December of 2013 I was working at a bakery and beginning to strongly consider abandoning ship on Top Shelf Cookies. I was working for less than half of what I was making in corporate. I was physically exhausted most days and all of it just seemed really hard. I was even talking to old colleagues about joining them at a new company.


I entered a cookie contest. I figured it might be a good way to find out if other people liked my cookies or if my friends were just really good friends. It was held at the Middle East. I decided to bring my Toffee Peanut Butter Cup cookie. I had just started making it. At the time, I thought it was almost as good as Black & Gold.  It was my brown butter dough with crushed toffee bits and mini peanut butter cups, I hadn't shared it much with friends either.  So, I got to work making 200ish (I think) sample cookies for the event, it would be judged by culinary judges and attendees. Me being me, I just brought my cookies on a tray. No signage, no décor. Just me and 200ish Toffee Peanut Butter Cup cookies. I got to my table and saw everyone around with these big set ups and thought: “I’m in trouble” Then all these people had tons of people with them. That voice in my head got louder “I’m in trouble”


I ran to CVS and got a folder and a marker and put together a makeshift sign. I suck at this kind of stuff guys. Then, I realized…not a large crowd for me meant the result would be more honest. Not a lot of flair and décor meant, if I did well…it would be able the cookies. So, I sat there and gave out cookies and just took the day in.

Judging came in and I placed third in the people’s choice. I thought that was pretty good considering how many people had huge groups of friends and family with them. Then the judge’s results were announced and I came in first. I was blown away. On my way out, I stopped one of the judges to thank her and she said she didn’t expect much, the presentation was underwhelming but she was blown away when she tasted the cookies.


When I went home and thought about that, I figured I would stop listening to that loud voice in my head that would keep telling me I was in trouble and start moving forward with Top Shelf Cookies.


Today these cookies are known as the PB Toffee Treasures and they are one of our best sellers. You can find them here at our online store and American Provisions in South Boston carries them. If you are in Cookie of the Month (CoTM) you’ll be getting your dozen this week. We got a lot of new subscribers in December as awesome holiday gifts, so I hope that everyone enjoys




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