CoTM April 2018: The Flood

The one time I ran.

Easily the best part of my job is that I get to do it here in Boston. If you’ve been following us for more than 15 minutes, you probably know that we have a LOT of cookies with Boston inspiration. When I tell people how I quit my job because I had a game day superstition with cookies and that the Bruins won the Stanley Cup and I quit my job and started a cookie company, they usually respond with that’s the most Boston story ever.


My dad grew up in Southie, but chose to raise his family in NH. So, that’s where I grew up. We often drove through Boston to get to Quincy for many family gatherings and I always thought it was the coolest thing to just drive through. Traffic and buildings and people, it was so much different than I was used to in southern NH.


I always looked forward to seeing my cousins and my family. Eventually, I just decided to move here, I was coming down three times a week to hang out with my cousins and it just seemed to be the right time. I’ve been in/around Boston for more than half my life.


So, if you haven’t figured it out by now, Boston is my home. I love it dearly. I love when friends come to visit, so I can show it around. Since starting this business, I’ve come to get a better knowledge and appreciation for all of Boston’s different neighborhoods as well. It’s like a dream come true. I don’t think I can envision a future where I’m not constantly stuck in traffic on the Southeast Expressway, which is fine as long as I get to check out that skyline I fell in love with when I was three.

Is Boston perfect? Nope, but neither am I, but  I think we’re perfect for each other.

 Our Ginger Chew cookie was more popular this past holiday season than ever before. We had a hard time keeping up. I wanted to offer a version of it during more than just the holidays, so I made some variations to it because it’s a molasses cookie and I am happy to bring you The Flood! It’s a molasses spice cookie and I think it’s just fantastic. Obviously, the first thing that came to mind when naming it is one of the more bizarre events in history: The Great Molasses Flood, which took place just steps from where I used to play softball (poorly) in the North End. So, with a little help from our followers, it got its name.

 Because it’s April and I often refer to Patriot’s Day at Boston New Year, we will be offering up a bulked up version of the 617 Pack and a 617 Samplah! We’re packing up all of our current Boston inspired flavors. Whenever we offer a 617 pack, I’m always happy that they get sent all over the country and usually with little notes about giving someone a little taste of home. That always makes me smile and reminds me on the days that it’s not as easy to be a small business owner that I’m so incredibly lucky to do something I love in the city I love so much.



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not Only are they delish!!! but nuke them 15 seconds and all u can say is more more more!!!!! Try them they will soon be ur favorites

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