January COTM 2020: G.O.A.Tmeal


First and foremost, welcome new subscribers!   We’d like to thank Yahoo Lifestyle writer Tanya Edwards for giving us a mention in her gift guide this holiday season

Lots of people got Cookie of the Month as a gift this holiday season! We thank you and if you are the receiver of said gift, woo hoo!  Cookies every month!  If you are new to us and maybe not from where we are from, well you are about to find out.  We’re Boston’s Craft Cookie Company, which means we like to get inspiration from our home, and that inevitably will lead to sports. 

We started our company with our Black & Gold cookies, which was my Bruins gameday superstition.  So, when we actually had to make this a job, it only made sense for us to have cookies for the rest of the champions in our city. 

I worried about jinxing our football team, which is heading to the playoffs again and going for their 7th Super Bowl.  But, I like to start the year off with a fan favorite and at least after all the indulging at the holidays an oatmeal cookie filled with fruit, doesn’t feel like you are over indulging.  Don’t worry, I’ll hit you with so much chocolate in February, it’ll make your head spin!

Anyway, I always knew I wanted to do a “taste of New England” type cookie and started chatting around our shared kitchen about what that might look like.  Our six states are all kind of known for things, but I was having a hard time figuring out how to make them all work together.  Finally we decided that we could center it around apples, blueberries and cranberries and we’d go from there.

The results were fantastic - it was a delightful cookie.  It’s softer than your typical oatmeal cookie, which is how we like to roll.  It’s not as soft as like the Black & Gold, but you catch my drift…I hope!

It seemed like ti would be a fit to be our Patriots inspired cookie, because all our other teams are based in Boston, but well they are the New England Patriots.  My dad often boast about the fact that we have one team for six states and other states have 3 teams and their teams are terrible.  My dad sometimes forgets the 1980’s when he would sit quietly on the floor with his Boston Lager and just watch the Pats lose every Sunday, while we would go out and do the errands. 

The trick is, naming the cookie.  GOATmeal was a suggestion from a friend, well many friends.  It wasn’t it’s first name, but it was it’s eventual name.  The first time we brought this cookie out - it was in Cambridge and I panicked because people thought there was goat’s milk or goats cheese in it.  We were at another event in Boston and gal working it said that people were enjoying the cookie and the name.  So, I stopped panicking and we moved on.

In terms of jinxing the Pats, we’ll see what happens.  There’s been too many times that people have written them off, only to be surprised.  In any case, GOATmeal is a delightful cookie and it’s a good way to start off the New Year.  And, hey if we are graced with another duck boat parade in the City of Boston in February, you can always get the Duckboat Package to celebrate!

I hope you enjoy the GOATmeal and I hope all you new subscribers enjoy Cookie of the Month.

Happy New Year


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