This month's cookie is delicious and is one of the main reasons I wanted to have a cookie of the month club, because it's fun to share the newest recipes first!  

Midnight Delight is the newest addition to Top Shelf Cookies' menu.  It is a pecan, oatmeal chocolate chip cookie!

Just over a year ago, we announced our partnership with the Midnight Riders, which is the supporters group for the New England Revolution.  The Midnight Riders tailgates, easily one of the best meals you will get!  Not a lot of hamburgers and hot dogs to be found on these grills.  Tons of fancy marinades and meats and all kinds of neat things to be found in the parking lots at Gillette in the summertime.

Last year, we had a cookie bake off to announce our partnership with the Midnight Riders.  It was a blind taste test and it was a tough call, but it came down to two cookies.  Eventually this cookie won out, but I hired both bakers to help me in the kitchen from time to time.  

We didn't make a ton of adjustments to the Midnight Delight, we changed regular pecans for sweet roasted pecans from Q's Nuts and some adjustments to make the cookie a little easier to package.  Megan Powers is a member of our team now and a talented baker, so far the cookie has met with a lot of praise at the farmers markets.  It will be offered online in the next few weeks.  It is this months' cookie of the month selection.



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