Is it it just me or did January go by SUPER fast?  Maybe it's because the Pats are making their return the the SUPER BOWL in search of Tom Brady's favorite ring: The Next One.
We keep a fairly low profile till Springtime, however - just like that groundhog, we're gonna pop up on Saturday February 4th at Dorchester Brewing Company  We'll have some snacks, some stacks and special for your big game needs: party trays of cookies!  Don't worry, we're bringing plenty of The Next One along with some other Top Shelf favorites!
After that, Valentines Day will be fast approaching.  We love the idea of gifting cookies over chocolates. You know what Forrest Gump's mom says "You never know what you're gonna get" do with Top Shelf Cookies Box of Chocolates.  Four sleeves of our sensational chocolate cookies wrapped up in a cute box with a ribbon and a little gift tag!
The idea of 2 dozen cookies seems like a big commitment, no problem! We also made a limited amount of this cute boxes that throwback to your grade school desk valentine day mailbox, except instead of drugstore valentines, this one has 6 of our 2 packs of cookies in them for your sweetest sweetie.
Of course, the gift that keeps giving: The Cookie of the Month Club - you can give it month to month, or in 3, 6, or 12 month options!  Your valentine will definitely appreciate it.
Keep an eye on this blog as we'll have some exciting news to share as new stores and coffee shops are going to start carrying Top Shelf Cookies.  We are super excited to be hitting shelves soon!  If you have a favorite place to shop, we'd love to hear from you, email me (  anytime!
Have a great February!  



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