CommonWealth Kitchen Holiday Shop At Boston Public Market

It's been killing me to sit on this, but NOW I can tell you with so much excitement that Top Shelf Cookies will be at the Boston Public Market for the holidays, as a part of the CommonWealth Kitchen Holiday Pop Up Market.  We'll be rotating with two other bakers from our kitchen Third Cliff Bakery  and Tia's Cakes & Pastries

This is a huge thrill on a number of levels.  Personally, I love the Boston Public Market.  I'm a huge fan of so many of the businesses there: Q's Nuts, Nella Pasta, Sweet Lydia's, Soluna Garden Farms, Noodle Lab and George Howell Coffee are among the amazing vendors under the Boston Public Market roof.  I'd love Top Shelf Cookies to eventually find a forever home at the Boston Public Market.

Additionally, to be able to do this with two of my favorite kitchen pals - Meg (Third Cliff Bakery) and Tia (Tia's Cakes and Pastries) is a huge thrill.  The three of us have a lot in common and are living this life where we are running our own businesses and finding balance between what that means and our lives outside of being business owners.  We've all jumped in at the kitchen to help each other out.  I often joke about us being the bakers union, but it's nice to know other bakers have my back.  I get excited for them to do well and when they have a rough day, I feel awful for them and try to help.  We don't compete, we encourage each other. So, sitting down together to design a quick temp space and coordinate all the details, it was pretty cool.  

Besides selling our own goodies, we are going to be selling gift baskets from the amazing makers in our kitchen throughout the holidays.  I'm excited to be able to use this space to spread the word about the amazing entrepreneurs in our kitchen.  These baskets will make amazing holiday gifts for anyone who loves food or Boston.  

I highly encourage to you visit the market and all the vendors.  If you are specifically looking for Top Shelf Cookies - check out our calendar page!  We update it with all of our events.  

Looking forward to seeing you at the Boston Public Market!





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