When Will You have Online Ordering?

This is the question I hear in my sleep.

I wanted to believe that just shooting heather@topshelfcookies.com would work for everyone.  I realized - I wouldn't want to get cookies this way.  I get it, it's different - I don't have a storefront.  So how do you actually go about getting Top Shelf Cookies?  Part of what I like about getting your emails/phone calls and seeing you all at farmers markets is - I like people.  I had someone hug me just yesterday.  I love to hear what you are doing with Top Shelf Cookies - where they are going, what you are celebrating.  I don't judge you if they are a treat for yourself!  If someone ordered online and I shipped them cookies - I'd never know they were celebrating their outdoor rink opening (so cool) or that they were favors for a wedding.  As much as I like chatting you all up, I know that I won't even order a pizza (I make my husband call and if he's not home, I order online) 

Being a small business owner, I think it's smart to start by figuring out what you do well and then adding more along the way.  I didn't know how online ordering would look?  Will I get a million orders, will I get none?  Could I handle it?  I set off to start Top Shelf Cookies because I love baking cookies and I wanted to make a job out of it.  All that being said - coming from a corporate customer service background, I never want to offer my customers an option that I can't deliver on.  If I was going to do online ordering, I was going to do it right.  So it took a little while, for what it's worth the Black and Gold cookie took a lot of tries till I got it EXACTLY the way I wanted it.  So we'll start here and we'll see how it goes.  I'd like to expand into catering orders and gift eventually

So, if this is what you were asking for - I hope you are happy with this online ordering option.  Also, you all are my customers and my valued customers (that comes from a very genuine place) so keep giving me feedback about how this works and what you would like to see in the future.  You can always email me!  




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