Thanks for stopping by Top Shelf Cookies' new site.  We're looking forward to being able to take orders online and for this site to grow and evolve as Top Shelf Cookies continues to grow!

Top Shelf Cookies is all about bringing Boston a better cookie. The chocolate chip cookie was born here, but we're all about bringing that to a new level.  So we make what you know, but better!  We have your chocolate chip, your oatmeal raisin and even straight up peanut butter.  But what we also really enjoy is coming up with specialty flavors like PB Toffee Treasures, Fluffernutter, ChocoLatte and our signature Black & Gold.  We love to tinker around and see what happens when we put hot sauce or beer in a cookie.  We love to source as much as we can locally and we also enjoy collaborating with Boston businesses large and small.  

We are not about pulling anything out of a cookie.  Gluten? Probably going to have it.  Sugar? Usually need it.  Dairy? Sometimes just gotta have it.  While we recognize that some folks are on restricted diets, we just really are focused on making the best cookie out there.  




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