4 years ago...I quit

Oh Facebook, you and your Facebook memories reminding me of things....

Yesterday, May 1st was the four year anniversary of me leaving my cubical for the last time.  

At one point, I loved that job.  That's the funny thing.  I really did.  It was a small start up company.  Our CFO was a great guy, he was always giving me new jobs and responsibilities.  I worked a lot of hours, but it was OK.  I loved the people and the culture.  It began to change over time and eventually the start up that I had put a lot of myself into was acquired.  The changes came fast and furious and somewhere along the line, I started to actually loathe my job.  I would sometimes sit in the parking lot and just cry, I was so miserable.  

So on May 1st 2013, I handed in my badge, did my exit interview, had a good lunch with my two favorite coworkers (the salesguys I supported for years) and I went to my car and I drove away.  In fact, I drove straight to the Bruins first playoff game that season.   So, I got the Fours and I raised a glass to leaving my cubicle.  Leaving a steady and decent paycheck.  Leaving my benefits.  Leaving a Monday through Friday schedule.  

I took a job making just over minimum wage at a cupcake shop.  I went there because I wanted to see what life looked like as a baker.  Unfortunately, this would not be a baking gig.  What it actually turned out to be, a little bit better for what I hoped my future plans were.  I ended up managing the shop.  Working on events, solving problems and planning.  Seeing every aspect of the business definitely made me think twice about going out on my own.  But, eventually my heart won the battle over my logical brain and I started Top Shelf Cookies.

This last week, it's hasn't been my favorite as the owner of Top Shelf Cookies.  There have been some challenges and we are definitely facing some growing pains. I missed out on a job I really wanted and was disappointed about that.  I had a bake that didn't go well and I couldn't recover.  It's not always easy to keep cash in the bank as a small business owner.  Yesterday, I was feeling pretty low and Facebook memories pointed out that this was my Quitaversary.  I immediately came back to driving out of that parking lot, feeling so relieved.  I couldn't accept my life as it was.  I needed more than waking up, fighting traffic to get to work, going to a job I hated and fighting traffic to get home to make dinner and go to bed and start the cycle all over again. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.  So, I left.  I quit.  

I don't get a steady paycheck, in fact I rarely get one. But, it won't always be that way.  I don't have benefits, I have to rely on my husband for those.  But, it won't always be that way.  I will never have a Monday through Friday schedule again, I'm completely fine with it.  I wouldn't give up a SoWa Sunday or some of the really cool places we've been able to take our cookies.  We've spent a decent amount of time at Sam Adams Brewery, we've been to Fenway Park with our cookies, we've given them to some of the Bruins.  

I am right now planning for a 6AM start tomorrow, we are going to make about 3500 cookies tomorrow.  I'm giddy planning it.  When we are done, I'll be making deliveries to Cambridge, Newton and Boston.  I couldn't be more happy with the life I've chosen.  No two days ever look alike.  I'll admit, there are days that I miss the security of a full time office gig, but I wouldn't give up Top Shelf Cookies for anything.

Thank you all for your support.  Please know, it means so much to me.  

Happy May-


Top Shelf Cookies

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  • Erica dallen

    Just tried your cookies for my first time!! I just ate the melt in your mouth chocolatte cappuccino …totally delicious! Best chocolate cookie I ever ate! We received your cookies as a gift from a patient we took care of and lets say the box of cookies did not last long! Your cookies definitely make a great and unique gift and support a local company! They are homemade cookies with real ingredients! Good luck with your business!

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