1 Year in Adams Village!

When I looked at 516 Gallivan Blvd on March 11th 2020, I could envision Top Shelf Cookies making a home in the neighborhood.  Then, everything in the world went sideways and I didn't know if I would even still be making cookies for a living, let alone realize my dream of having our first storefront.

Turns out mail order cookies are a good thing to sell during a pandemic, so I took advice from one of my favorite former bosses when he reached out to me to tell me he'd been watching Top Shelf Cookies and he wanted to let me know that this wouldn't last forever.  So, I kept moving forward.  I kind of came up with this mantra "Don't Crumble" and I reminded myself of that when times got tough. 

We signed the lease and started construction and it took....longer than I hoped.  We opened to the public on April 20, 2021, not too far from my 2020 goal. Not too shabby.

Adams Village has been even better than I imagined it. 

With other cookie places popping up, it's impossible for me not to notice these long lines.  I'm glad I saw them, because it reminded me of the line we had when we opened.  It wasn't around the corner and none of them were posting to social, because it was a bunch of kids and their parents.  I've said on many occasions that I moved Top Shelf Cookies to Adams Village to keep my dream moving forward and to be a neighbor. I have also really appreciated getting the chance to be a neighbor in the neighborhood.  We've been able to now do two marathon fundraisers and host Cookies with a Cop with the Boston Police.  We are hosting girl scout troops in the coming weeks and we've hosted a couple school field trips.  Those days have meant as much to me as any day that we have sold out of cookies.  

My dad grew up in Southie and moved to NH to have his family - I left for Boston as soon as I could to hang out with my cousins and eventually make my own life. He visited on the first day and he didnt say much.  He texted me that night and said "I am happy you are in that neighborhood, because I know they will take care of you"

I want you all to know, that we feel very taken care of and I hope that you feel taken care of by us as well.  It honors me that we've been able to be a part of your gatherings this last year, especially when we are so happy to gather again.  I don't love when YOU have a bad day, but I do love that you can come here and we'll make it a little better.  I love when you guys come in and say how great it smells, because have gone a little noseblind to it - so I'm glad to know it brings a smile to your face.  Speaking of smiles, I'm so glad to see all of yours again! Also, thank you all for writing into to Boston.com to tell them we're one of the best places to get cookies in Greater Boston.  That was a good feeling and it was even more fun when our regulars came in to tell us they were happy to see it. 

Thank you SO much to Adams Village for your warm welcome, we will continued to work hard and keep having fun with you.

Thank you-




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