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September CoTM: Fat Jack O'Lantern (the story of an entrepreneurs two best friends)

  I have a soft spot in my heart for this cookie this month guys and I want to tell you why.   This month's cookie is the Fat Jack O'Lantern.  It's a pumpkin beer chocolate chip cookie.  Since we launched, we have had a pumpkin beer chocolate chip cookie...

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Welcome to Top Shelf Cookies

What separates Top Shelf Cookies from the rest? The shelves of course!

​The best cookies are always stashed way up high, out of the reach of daring dinner destroyers, mischievous meal meddlers and over-eager dessert repeaters. We're always told that our cookies need to be kept hidden out of sight, lest they disappear in a single day.

But fear not - despite the moniker, our cookies always find their way from the top shelf down to happy bellies!

What else makes us special? Our uniquely composed recipes, the best quality ingredients, a wholehearted passion for baking and our deep roots right here in the Hub.