Do you have a store?

No physical store here. Instead, Top Shelf Cookies operates out of a shared-use culinary incubator (CommonWealth Kitchen) in Dorchester. This allows us to keep our overhead lower while we get going! Perhaps someday when we're kind of a big deal a shop will happen.

How do I order?

We are currently working on setting up the online ordering, but for now it's probably best to email us via our website.

Where will you deliver to?

For now we are focusing on greater Boston and the surrounding areas. But we're flexible; We can usually make something work - we've gone as far as Manchester, NH and Falmouth, MA. We want to work with you, though sometimes it's easier to ship than deliver.

Do you ship?

Absolutely! We're good friends with the folks at the local Post Office.

How long does it take to process an order?

It all depends on what orders we have to process. Typically we bake once per week and do deliveries once per week, but we want to work with you so let us know what you are looking for - typically if you give us 48 hours notice we can make most things work.

Do you take large orders?

We've taken orders from 6 to 600 cookies before. So as always, we want to work with you - let us know what you are looking for and we'll do our best to make it work.

What are the packaging options?

We sell Top Shelf Cookies in half-dozen sleeves (6 ) by the flavor. We have gift boxes that hold up to 4 sleeves and gift boxes that hold up to 6 sleeves.

Do you have special packaging for events?

We've done party favor packaging for a number of events. We can bag cookies 1 or 2 each and tie it off with a ribbon and/or even provide specialized labeling for your event! We love events, so talk to us - we bet we can come up with something. Keep an eye on our Instagram feed for examples of special packaging we've done.

What are your gift options?

We have gift baskets, gift boxes and even tins. We love to help come up with gifts for your family and friends. We try to post examples on our Instagram feed as we do different things.

Do you have a cookie of the month club?

Not currently, but there might be something coming!

Do you do iced cutout cookies?

We don't. Trust us, you really wouldn't want anything decorated by us. We really like to keep our focus on creating good recipes that taste amazing. Sugar cookies decorated with icing isn't something we're particularly good at, so we leave it to others to do!

Nothing on your menu is grabbing me, can you make me something different?

Sure, we're game for a challenge, so we'll give it a try! Keep in mind that there would be minimum orders attached to any custom request and we'll work with you closely to meet any dateline you might have.